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A High-Quality Curriculum Prepares Students for a Bright Future

Today's teens love technology—that’s why Nexus Academy schools use it to bring lessons to life! At Nexus Academy, our leading technology brings curriculum, teachers, resources, and learning tools together to help students of all abilities succeed.

In addition to their in-person teachers, Nexus Academy students also work with teachers online, using the Internet. These certified teachers give students frequent feedback on their work by phone and WebMail. They also meet in the virtual classroom for real-time lessons. Just like in a traditional classroom, students can ask and answer questions, participate in discussions, and get extra help when needed.



At Nexus Academy, students enjoy a wide selection of courses! This includes all of the core subjects found at larger, more traditional schools. They also gain opportunities to go beyond the basics, with exciting choices such as:

Career Technical Education courses that let students explore career paths and gain workforce skills
Computer certification training courses
Honors, Advanced Placement, and other college prep courses
Electives including computer technology, business, and art
Music courses developed with the world-famous Juilliard School



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